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What You Need To Know About Anti-Malarial Drugs

Many a time, I am asked what my recommendations are concerning the use of anti-malarial drugs. First, understand that the prefix "anti-" means "against". So the intention of using an anti-malaria drug is to work "against malaria".

Right? Well, that is if you are sure that the case is truly that of a malaria infection.

Ok, now what if it is not, but the symptoms are just mimicking the malaria disease because of the factors which I have mentioned earlier? Would it be right to administer an anti-malaria drug to such a case? Just take a moment to reason it out yourself. Would that not complicate an already confused case? And what would you expect to be the final outcome of such a treatment?

Another thing to consider is that "working against malaria" will invariably mean that you have to use a very powerful arsenal of anti-malaria drugs to suppress the disease from disturbing you. But you must also understand that, that will only provide a temporary relief for you. When the effect of the drug has worn off, the symptoms will reappear, sometimes in a modified and perhaps in a more virulent and resistant or difficult-to-treat format. It does not matter if it took a few days, or weeks to reappear. That it did recur at all means the treatment was not the correct one or that something that need to be addressed has not been tackled.

The other point to remember is that by the very nature and composition of "anti-"drugs, whether they be anti-malarials or antibiotics, they will "wipe out" both the infected cells and the good protective cells without discrimination and in consequence weaken, and further reduce the ability of the Natural Immune Defence System of any habitual user of such "anti-"drugs to protect against diseases.

Many, if not all the anti-malaria drugs in the market today, have been abused, overused and or wrongly applied by different groups of people such that by creating a hostile environment for an otherwise easily curable ailment, anti-malarial drugs promote untreatable strains of malaria with certain mutations that allow the plasmodium parasite to survive.

This explains why many of the well known anti-malaria drugs that have been used for so many years as first-line choice for the treatment of malaria have become ineffective and or have instead become precursors of ill-health. They have either been over-used or inappropriately administered; thereby impacting negatively on malaria sufferers or potential victims. The TRUTH therefore is that anti-malaria drugs can only provide temporary relief to whoever uses them. In some cases, they become the problem instead of the solution they were touted to be.

If a case is recurring or continually relapsing, despite the use of the best "recommended anti-malaria drugs", then there will be an urgent need to properly investigate the ailment to determine whether it is a "true malaria" case or a "false malaria" case. You can read the full details in "The Real Causes And Cure Of MALARIA".

How To Be Malaria-Free For Life!

The best way to treat and cure malaria is to find the real cause of the disease in each individual case and then administer a remedy or remedies that will address the totality of the symptoms being exhibited by the sufferer.

There cannot be a mass treatment regime for everyone as the causal factors will vary greatly even among members of one family or the same household. I speak from the practical experiences that I have had over two decades working in the "trenches" of the "malaria jungle" in Africa.

My recommendation therefore is that you should use anti-malaria drugs in a very limited way in acute cases under proper medical supervision or appropriate healthcare personnel, if there is nothing else nearby. The first rule of treatment is to SAVE the life of the sick person. But do not persist in their use if they do not provide the expected relief.

As much as possible, try to avoid "self recommended medications" based on a newspaper, radio or television advert or "friends' advice". In most of the cases, adverts are of a general nature and do not necessarily refer to your particular situation, even if you thought or believed so because of your limited knowledge of pharmaceutical products and their effects.

Remember that an advert is a marketing gimmick that uses a "non sequitor" technique designed to make you buy a product that you may not need. If you don't know what to do, please ask someone who does; instead of panicking and resorting to do irrational things or taking measures that turn out to more dangerous and damaging than the original disease.

For chronic cases, a comprehensive constitutional treatment is required to unravel the reasons or "mystery" why the sufferer has become a puppet in the hands of the disease. Once this is properly done, the real cause or causes will be known and the right type of remedies or treatment applied to free the patient from further malaria attacks. Act on this advice now if you want to Be Malaria-Free For Life!

Small But Mighty - The Case of Natural and Holistic Healthcare

"The bee is small among flying things, but her fruit hath the chiefest sweetness"

So it is with Natural and Holistic Healthcare practice. It provides the most effective, affordable, healthier and safer methods, approaches and natural remedies to eradicate malaria but the world looks at it only as "a small healthcare contributor". Yes! Even as half of the world's population (estimated at 3.3 billion people - 2009 WHO report) is currently at risk of malaria attack! So despite what they want you to believe, does the world really care if malaria is eradicated or not? And are those concerned really acting in your best interest? What to do?

Therefore, if you truly desire to Be Malaria-Free For Life, and to live a healthier, happier longer life, Natural and Holistic Healthcare approaches, methods, products and remedies should be an important part of your life - a BIG phenomenon. The taste of the pudding is in the eating.

It is only a matter of time before the TRUTH of the matter becomes the stark reality for all to see.

Until then, remember that you can "Be Malaria-Free For Life".

Yes, You Can! . . . And please take care of yourself

Dr. Sos Chifiero is the author of the book -- The Real Causes And Cure Of MALARIA. He is a Natural and Holistic Healthcare Consultant and President of the non-profit organization -- Malaria Eradication Network -- -- whose primary objective and ONLY goal is the global eradication of malaria. The unique malaria eradication system he developed has a factor which he calls "The Dynamic Coefficient of Success" and is deeply rooted in Natural, Holistic and Complementary Healthcare Therapies. This factor provides the "missing link" in the current global malaria eradication efforts. Based on his over twenty one years success in the implementation of this factor in curing chronic and acute malaria cases, this unique system, if applied, can become the major determinant in dramatically accelerating the tempo and success of the global malaria eradication efforts. Dr. Chifiero is a widely-traveled international scholar and lecturer who regularly initiates creative, innovative and effective Natural and Holistic solutions to a myriad of healthcare concerns, interpersonal relations and social issues. He also features in TV discussion programmes, edits a Newsletter, writes scholarly articles, provides Natural and Holistic Healthcare Consultancy Services and Private Mentoring Classes to a wide range of clientele: private individuals, corporate organizations, groups, schools and other customized requests from around the world. He can be contacted through the Malaria Eradication Network website. If you want to know more about how to Be Malaria-Free For Life; that is to discover the complete Malaria Eradication Secrets, subscribe to his monthly FREE Newsletter and also get your copy of the book "The Real Causes And Cure Of MALARIA (2nd Edition).

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